What If Google Penguin accidentally killed Updates Web As We Know It?

What If Google Penguin accidentally killed Updates Web As We Know It?

Note: This article title may be a bit sensational, but do not ignore the “what if” part. I’m not suggesting I have some plot to kill the web. However, many companies rely on Google and people are panicking about backlinks. Some going so far to threaten legal action if the links are not removed. Links. If any legal action as it has resulted in the restriction of a link in any capacity, the web as we know can be put at risk. People are afraid to link. I do not think Google wants for such things to happen, but people do not always respond to things in the most rational way. I do not believe we’ll see a link banned or the update will kill the Penguin website. However, a reaction to Google’s penalty led to some pretty strong actions of some.

Google has said many times that he thought Penguin has become a successfully updated. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

Page Rank and Web

WWW, as you know, stands for World Wide Web. Because they are associated with the link. Entire web sites link to each other, creating a way for users to click from page to page. Often the page on another site. This is the method that worked for years. Just think what would happen if the site is not free to link to each other. Web is broken, and users will suffer.

When Google launched its PageRank algorithm, it is a revolution in search. It seems to be a better way to search. Provides rhyme and reason for ranking search results. Now, Google uses over 200 signals to rank search results, which become more personal than ever before. PageRank is still important, but it is far from the only thing that matters.

However, the PageRank of a web link so much power to affect the visibility of web content. Now almost everyone on the web, everyone is struggling with their content viewed. Sometimes, you think: the more links either. More links can only lead to more of a chance people will see your content. Now, rather ironic, people are discovering that they have a link out there will lower their content. In some cases, they make it almost does not exist in Google, or at least to be buried, will also be gone.

Google Penguin accidentally killed Updates Web

Ordinary Time Out?

Google updates Penguin is a major wake up call to the webmaster about some sort of linking practices. These updates are designed to target violates Google’s quality guidelines that site. Along with these rules: “Do not participate in link schemes” and “Avoid hidden text or hidden links.”

Some guidelines Google is clear – obviously avoiding unethical practices. But in the scheme of relations department, things can get a little fuzzy. Just ask WPMU.org, who was hit by a penguin for some questionable link (pretty interesting, as it seems the benefits of the Google Panda update, which is designed to reward high quality sites).

Many webmasters taken in the forum and blogs to complain about Penguin updates, but Google has, more than on occasion, considered a successfully updated. We also see that come back around every so often, like its predecessor Panda.

Even before the Penguins, I sent a message to the webmaster ton remind them of questionable link. All of this is captured webmaster frenzy to clean up their profile link, and reduce the number of links Google considers poor quality, which may be expected to find their way back to contents visibility of Google search.